Jared Garrett

Author of the Beat Series
Author Jared Garrett

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About Jared Garrett

Jared Garrett is the author of the number one bestselling sci-fi thriller Beat and a bunch of other lies in book form. Jared had an odd childhood in a nomadic cult, which he left at seventeen… More »
Author Jared Garrett


A hundred years ago the Bug wiped out over ninety percent of humanity and even now it kills anyone whose heart rate goes over 140 beats per minute. That’s why the Prime Administrator gave everyone the Papas – digital wrist monitors that put people to sleep when their heart rate gets too high. The Papas saved humankind. But one night on the border of New Frisko, when fifteen-year-old Nik Granjer tampers with his Papa and discovers there is more to the Bug than he thought, a brutal enforcement squad from the city suddenly forces Nik into hiding. On the run and searching for allies, Nik’s only hope is to escape with his life and discover the truth about the Prime Administrator’s regime and the origins of the Bug.


The stunning sequel to Beat.

Two months after the attack on New Frisko, Nik Granger and the other survivors believe themselves hidden from the tyrannical rule of Prime Administrator Adam Holland. Until one day when Nik returns to camp to discover they weren’t safe at all. Holland and his Enforsers have killed or captured most of the survivors—including Nik’s parents. 
Nik and a few friends barely escape with their lives and must race to stop Holland before he murders the rest of their friends and family. As they travel through what’s left of America, Nik, Pol and Melisa face danger at every turn, including Ranjers who will stop at nothing to carry out Holland’s sadistic orders. With the world against them, can they make it in time to save what’s left of humanity? And when it comes to it, will Nik have what it takes to destroy Holland once and for all?


I should have written about this already, but I've been pretty busy and also a bit distracted by lots of stuff. Anyway, in 2021, I was cast on and won a gameshow called The Hustler, hosted by Craig Ferguson. Yes, that Craig Ferguson. The nutter from Scotland. My wife...

Events for 2019

All righty, friends. I'm late putting this up, but it will do me some good to get this all down visually and if you're trying to catch up with me, there are plenty of opportunities. I'll list all the events I'll be at/have been at for 2019. This will be updated as the...

Goals for 2019

I haven't had really any goals for several years. I'm not sure when I stopped, but I think it might have been when I started working for Amazon. That job was so absorbing in every way: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You know, that has to be it. I...

USURPER is out!

I blog very little now, since novels are a lot more fun to write. But big news! Usurper, the sequel to Lakhoni, is out! Ready to be purchased and read and reviewed by everyone who reads this and more. Here's a link.  Go forth! Download. Enjoy! Review!

An Open Letter to Richard Paul Evans. Man to Man.

(and to the men and women who can't see the problem in what he himself is admitting to having done) Disclaimer: I'm not wading into the abominable behavior of folks connected to FanX here, particularly in the way they've treated Shannon Hale (who is one of my heroes)...