Well, I never give up, do I. I have a few more lines on some good writing gigs. Like those others I posted, they are competitive. This means that you should write your best and if you get selected by the publisher, you get paid. Remember that people who won’t take this seriously might write to these, so if you do a good, well-researched and composed piece, you have a pretty good chance.

I’ll be back later!

1. Find out the meaning behind these names: Caitlin, Caleb, Madeline, Logan, Sarah, Brayden, Lilly, Aiden, Ella, Caden, Brianna, Tyler, Mia, Connor, Jackson, and more…Write a 400 – 600 word article including the etymology, origin, history, fascinating facts, variations, popularity, etc. Write 1 or write 20 articles, and for every one chosen for publication, you will receive $20.

Articles due by 01/30/08.

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=345532

2. 2008 Comeback Stories

Comeback stories are interesting, and inspiring to read. Provide background for your case and topic. Develop your article with facts and personal commentary. Write 750 – 1,000 word articles to compete for $25 compensation per selected story. The following titles need content by January 25th:

Is Michael Vick due for a big comeback?
My top 10 comeback yearnings for 2008
Top comeback predictions for 2008 in…
Politics ∙ Sports ∙ Money ∙ Religion ∙ Web 2.0 ∙ Celebrity ∙
…And More!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=234903

3. There is a plethora of $16 articles needed to build a life manual for a website due by 1/29. (400- 1,000 words)

Anti-aging skin care treatments
An Intro to permanent makeup
Guide to hair extensions
Choosing the right wig
Mineral makeup 101
…And more!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222%26topicid%3D129766

Basics of online poker
How to host a karaoke party
HDTV buying guide
Must-have party supplies
Building a home theater
…And more!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222%26topicid%3D129817

Single parent dating strategies
Planning a family reunion
Best school fundraiser ideas
Helpful resources for troubled teens
Finding the right retirement home

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222%26topicid%3D129792

Low carb diet plans
Tips for coping with stress
About alcohol rehabilitation
Vitamin supplements 101
Arthritis treatment guide
…And more!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222%26topicid%3D129745

Choosing outdoor lighting
Revamping your kitchen cabinets
Benefits of a patio heater
Guide to basement remodeling
Essential garden furniture
…And more!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222%26topicid%3D129837

How to finance a home
Great tips for moms who work at home
Money management tips
How to consolidate your debts
Guide to a career change in midlife
…And more!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222%26topicid%3D129797

Or you could get all of the How To gigs in one place at: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=377222
4. Publisher: Software Stuff Deadline: 1/25/08
Titles/Word Count/Compensation:
Software Review: WinRAR (Windows) / 350 words / $7.50 (publisher expects to purchase 10 reviews)
Why WinRAR is better than WinZip / 500-650 words / $40

300-450 word articles for $25:
How to install and set up WinRAR
The benefits of compressing files with WinRAR
Why WinRAR is the best compression solution
Why I use WinRAR
How to compress files with WinRAR
How to extract files with WinRAR

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=318518

5. Publisher: Irreverent Downloadable Game Site Deadline: 1/24/08 Compensation: $20
Word Count: 400-500 words

Online video game reviews needed for: BubbleWorld, Great Tree, Chocolatier, Deep Blue Sea, Bellatorus

Original reviews should be written in active voice and include a rating and commentary on graphics, creativity, and game play. Free trials available!

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid%3D363365%26topicid%3D130787

6. Publisher: Boston Times Deadline: 1/24/08 Word Count: 400 words
Compensation: $40
Title: The division between private and public colleges in Massachusetts

In its February issue, “Kiplinger’s Personal Finance” will release its ‘100 best values in colleges,’ and Massachusetts only has one in that list – The University of Massachusetts – at number 65. Its other list, ‘100 best values in private colleges and universities,’ contains eight Massachusetts schools and all are ranked higher than number 50. This article should explore the division between private and public higher education institutions in Massachusetts. It is widely known that the state has many of the best private universities in the world, but why are public schools so different? This article will be the feature story in the Campus Update section of the newspaper. (Please include a link to Kiplinger’s: www.kiplinger.com/tools/colleges/ as a reference to particular information.) Please include sources and/or interviews.

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid%3D375027