Well, today was pretty good. I spent my morning at a local thrift store helping sort and hang up clothes. It was fine.

Then I got home, put my youngest down for a nap, had lunch and waited for my wife to get back from dropping the older boy off at Spanish school. When she got back, I went to a meeting out at Charted Course. I was right; I have a bunch more work to do. I need to finalize the User Manual by the end of Monday. Then I have other stuff to do.

When the meeting got done, I went to the library, checked out some books then worked on Mars Betrayal. I am at the last scene. I really wanted to get it done today, but I should have it done tomorrow morning. Then I will get to work on the Charted Course stuff. I’ll take some time tomorrow to write at least one article for Helium, maybe two.

And that’s really it. I will finally be getting paid for my work for Charted Course. Up until now, I have been doing my work on a trade basis: I am a client and a rep with no out of pocket money, and I gave them 100 free hours of work.

Now I am simply doing freelance work and I will give them a time summary and an invoice for each month that I do work. Woohoo! The pay will be $15/hour for now, but that will probably go up as things expand and I start doing more varied work for them.

It’s possible I will be going to a conference in Vegas during the second weekend of February. Still not certain I’m going, but it’s likely.

So that’s it. We watched The Simpson’s Movie and broke our 2 week sugar fast with some B & J tonight. Funny movie, but not spectacular. It was like three episodes rolled into one. And that’s fine. And now I will go. Until tomorrow!