Here are some more writing opportunities.

1. The first one is actually a contest that the Pulitzer Center is running in partnership with Helium. Selected authors become Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalists. This is a major cred-builder and is a legitimate opportunity to advance your writing career.

2. Publisher: Mystery Stories Deadline: 02/07/08 Compensation: $50 per selected story
Word Count: 1,200 – 1,500

The following mysteries need short stories: Medical, Office, Housewife, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Murder, Porsche, Cocktail, Railroad, Current Events, and General mysteries. Mystery should include at least four suspects and four clues weaved into the story. Mystery and solution need to be included at the end; mysteries will be used in school and should be written at a sixth-grade reading level.

3. Publisher: Search Engine Doctor Deadline: 1/30/08 Compensation: $40 per selected article
Word Count: 1000 words

Personal transformation: The extreme makeover guide

Write a 1000 word article that speaks about extreme makeovers. Answer the following questions: How does one achieve an extreme makeover? What are the key components of an extreme makeover? Focus on fashion, lifestyle, makeup and appearance and include the following keywords in the article: extreme, makeover, celebrity, girls, TV, show. Also include the keyword “games”, but feature this term negatively. Use for POSITIVE inspiration and reference areas of this website with the keywords.

4. Publisher: The Name Game Deadline: 1/30/08 Compensation: $20/article selected
Word count: 400-600

Find out the meaning behind these names: Caitlin, Caleb, Madeline, Logan, Sarah, Brayden, Lilly, Aiden, Ella, Caden, Brianna, Tyler, Mia, Connor, Jackson, and more…Write an article including the etymology, origin, history, fascinating facts, variations, popularity, etc. Write 1 or write 20 articles, and for every one chosen for publication, you will receive $20.

5. Auto Craze Compensation – $16 Deadline – 1/29/08 Word Count – 400-1,000
Car tips & Tricks
How to choose an auto insurance broker
How to shop for online car insurance
Cheap car rental tips
Guide to kit cars
Guide to shopping for hot rods
…And many more

Custom Cars & Accessories
Guide to car CD players
Guide to shopping for radar detectors
How to build a car stereo
Guide to subwoofers for car stereos
Choosing the right truck bed liner
…And many more

Parts, Performance & Repair
A beginner’s guide to fuel injection
How your car transmission works
The easiest ways to find auto body parts
How to change your motor oil
How to change your spark plugs
…And many more

Motorcycles & Recreational Vehicles
Motorcycle racing 101
Best motorcycle gloves
Must-have motorcycle apparel
A day in the life of a NASCAR fan
Best recreational vehicles
…And many more

So take them or leave them, but these are actual opportunities for writing and getting real money. If you don’t feel comfortable having to compete for jobs and readers, maybe these aren’t your thing.