Well, here I am. Yesterday and today have been very productive, and also good monetarily. I have been working hard on finalizing ChartedCourse’s system manual, and it is one step away from finished. Just waiting on some final material from the CEO fellow.

I also have finalized my first draft of Mars Betrayal for Heinle Graded Readers. Woohoo! I will be sending it off tomorrow morning. I sent an invoice for the first $1000 of my advance this evening.

So it has been good. I haven’t done any writing for www.helium.com recently, but I hope to tomorrow.

Therefore, tomorrow I will:

1. Send off Mars Betrayal
2. Finalize the system manual for ChartedCourse
3. Write at least two articles for www.helium.com
4. Work on an outline for another graded reader. I have the idea, I just have to work out the plot and characters.

Anyway, I have been putting in about eight hour days these days, and it has been feeling good. I need to keep it up.

I also have been exercising this week, having stopped last week. I need to get it in gear! I am down a couple pounds from the new year, but I need to work harder at it. I am so used to having a late-night snack at around 9 or 10 PM, and there is no doubt that is making it harder for me to lose this poundage. So I am now, having gone on a sugar fast for the last while, eliminating my late-night snack. I really want to lose this stuff.

The writing career is for real. I never really expected to see this kind of success in five months of this, but it is a good thing it has happened. I feel like I am working the way I want to now. I am a little concerned that I won’t have enough steady income by the time our cash runs out to support us. But we will keep at it and hope for the best. I think getting The Cabin done and sent out will help with that. I really feel it will sell.

Here is a link to something really neat having to do with www.helium.com

Yes, that’s me in there.

I had an article featured on the front page of Helium today, that was nice. It is a review of an album that I did a while back. The review, not the album. I don’t do albums.

So that’s it for now. Exciting eh?