My friends, you may have noticed a recent spike in my activist/politically-related posts here. If you haven’t noticed this, you haven’t been to my website enough lately, so fix that please.

As I’ve taken the time to peruse the Provo City Code, all 600+ pages of it, I’ve found myself increasingly frustrated by intrusive government and crummy laws. I believe that government is a necessity in this world. I believe in law and rule of law. I believe that a genuinely representative form of government is the right type of government; I also feel that local governments are the best type of representative government due to an increased potential for actual responsiveness.

After years of studying and pondering issues related to government, particularly studying government through the lens of history (yes, I know the victors write the history books), I am finally approaching what I believe are my core values regarding government, its role, and its necessary duties and limitations.

With all of this said, I am now considering running for one of the seats that is opening up on the Provo City Council this year. I have not made a final decision and am announcing nothing official here at all, but I am very curious to know what your thoughts on this potential move might be. Anyone from any locality in the world is welcome to weigh in with your thoughts. I will especially value input from people who live in Provo, Utah, for obvious reasons.

And if I do run, maybe my campaign signs should look like this:





or this:




So, your thoughts?