So I finally got some stuff done today. Here’s what I did.

I sent my proposed newsletter content to Blake at ChartedCourse. I got it to 6 pages with no problem, and checked over it multiple times. I like how it turned out. I think it looks more or less pro. I have offered to see it through all the way to printing, so we will see what comes of that.

I did apply to a job at the Friend magazine with my Church. I don’t think I will get it, as they have removed the job listing and I never heard anything.

I wrote a final draft of another outline for a Graded Reader and then sent it off to the editorial team. I also argued the case for Lost in the Zoo, but without much hope.

I then spent the last three or four hours of my work day with The Cabin. I did about 4500 words today, about 500 shy of what my goal was. But I also got a bit of a late start on it. Tomorrow I will hit 6000 words for the day. If I can do 5000 words each day, or more, I will be at 40,000 words+ by the end of the week. That will actually see it more or less finished, so that is great.

I plan to write for Helium some tomorrow, but I really need to get after the novel writing, as it is my love and true dream. I am keeping my eyes open for other writing jobs as well and may pursue some shortly.

And that’s it for now. We are going through and watching Season 2 of The Office. It is a hilarious show. I might write more, but my computer needs to be shut down, as it is slow. I really need a new laptop, but we don’t have the money now. Oh well, hopefully soon. I love writing. It was a delicious struggle to see my character through the hard times so far in The Cabin.

To those reading this, thanks. I really appreciate your support. carpe somnium