The end of Thursday has rolled around and it was better than I expected. The entire day was better, I mean, not just the end.

Right. In any case, here’s what I did:

I started my day by reading through some information that Blake asked me to integrate into the User Manual. I spent a couple hours getting through it and taking note of the highlights and some of the details.

By the way, I exercised again this morning and felt strong. It was a great feeling to lift that 130 lb. barbell twelve times, two more than I expected. What a rush. And I usually walk most of the time, with some good jogging thrown in here and there for my cardio and weight loss portion, but my legs didn’t want to run. So I mostly just walked for about an hour. I intend to do over an hour tomorrow morning. I am too impatient and I keep hoping that my pants will get loose faster and that my chest will firm up overnight and such.

Being impatient as a weight loser and a writer doesn’t really work. So I’m learning patience.

Anyway, by the time I finished going through the info from Blake, it was time to deal with kids. You see, at about noon, Annemarie (my hot wife) feeds the older boys (sometimes the younger two (a girl and a boy) as well) and then heads out to take them to Spanish School. So that leaves me and Lily and Nathaniel. I usually feed them, play with them and then put the toddler, Nathaniel (he’s nearly two) down for a nap. Then I goof off sometimes with Lily, or sometimes she takes a nap a little later or sometimes I just make her go play. But I eat lunch usually after the little guy’s in bed.

So today, after getting the bald-ish, albino monkeys dealt with, I rewrote the chapter that the information was supposed to go into. Then I let Blake know that I was ready to finish the manual if he could just get me the last bit.

However, I forgot something just now. Actually, while changing Nathaniel’s mess before his nap, I had a pretty good idea for a graded reader. So before I wrote up the new chapter for the User Manual, I wrote the outline for this new idea I had. It is tentatively titled The Honeymoon, and it follows a young couple on a hike for part of their honeymoon. She falls down a long drop and breaks her leg badly and he has to rescue her. But he’s terrified of heights. Anyway, it’s an adventure/romance. So I wrote that outline proposal up and printed it out for Annemarie to look at when she got back.

Then I did the chapter and e-mailed Blake.

Then when Annemarie got back (soon after) I had her look at the outline. She thought it was really cool. So I reworked it a bit and sent it off to the editorial team.

Now, you remember yesterday’s post, how I didn’t think I would have the time to do much in The Cabin? Well, I made time and got right about 2000 words done. I really like seeing it take a different, more complete shape from the outline I wrote months ago. Mike is a fun character to follow around, and boy howdy, my past is full of rich things to add to the story.

Well, this is long, but it felt like a good day. I worked hard, actually made some money, and hopefully moved toward getting that bestseller I am going to write. Heck, I may be writing that bestseller now! But let it be said that, while I don’t know when, I am going to write a bestseller. I know it.

carpe somnium