Just wanted to write up a quick post. Today was good. Blake finally got me the stuff and the instructions I needed in order to finish up the User Manual. Whew. So I thought I would be able to get it done and still have a couple hours in the afternoon to work on The Cabin, but I was wrong, wrong wrong. Proofreading a 176 page document takes a long time. So I was actually working on it until just about 7PM today, with a break for lunch and for dinner and for a scooter ride in the rain.

So I wasn’t able to get anything done on the current novel today, but I still have high hopes for next week. If I can do 5000 words each day, I will hit 45,000 words for the book, and I really think that will probably do it. But I am also open to letting the book go where it needs to. I know the climaxes and the important scenes, but the spaces in between can be as big and detailed as they need to be.

So tomorrow I will pick up my first check for my work for ChartedCourse. That’s pretty exciting. It won’t be very big, but it’s a start. I have done almost 40 hours of work for ChartedCourse by now for the month of February, so that’ll be a better check, but it’s still not paying the bills.

Gonna keep at it. Gonna write a bestseller. Gonna make this work.