Did you know that the Gold’s Gym just down the street from our home has a cardio-cinema room? And did you know that they actually play romantic comedies, such as My Best Friend’s Wedding? They were playing Avatar the other day, and The Bourne Identity this morning, which – to me- make sense. But romantic comedies? And with Horse-face Roberts?


What I want to know is: am I reacting in a very man way here? Do ladies prefer to use the elliptical while watching fun romantic comedies that make zero sense? Any ladies reading this, please feel free to weigh in. As for me, I need motivation and energy when I’m pounding out the miles on a treadmill, so action gets it done for me.

There’s another reason for the title of this post that is somewhat related. Being semi-forced to watch parts of that semi-funny film, I was reminded about how blessed and lucky I am. Not everyone gets to be as lucky as I got with whom I married, and that is clearly because I deserve it more than you do.

Only kidding.

I actually wish everyone could have the type of experience I had in finding, courting, and marrying Hotness. Within two weeks of meeting her in an Honors writing class, she was my best friend. I had other friends, but she was #1. I got to marry my best friend and our journey over the last 14 years, and my journey into the deepest love I could never have imagined, has been very nearly blissful.

I’ll tell the story of our courtship in my next blog post.