I’m here to make a plan for my day.

More and more I have found myself uncomfortable with my abilities as a novelist. I have too often found myself feeling like I am in over my head, and that I really don’t understand well the art and process of crafting a novel.

This has recently been demonstrated as a truth, since I just got comments back on The Mars Betrayal. It has major issues that need dealing with. So I am going to get back to work on it and I am going to make it better.

I will become a better novelist. As I do so, I will get closer to being able to write that bestseller I am going to compose.

Today I will put 2-3 hours into The Mars Betrayal. That will be my work for this morning.

I will then rate at www.helium.com for about thirty minutes. I will then write an article on the site and then rate a little more.

For my afternoon, I will (unless this gets derailed by job applications, which I will report on tonight) work on The Cabin. Gotta finish draft one and then get to work on revision soon.

So that’s my day. I will report on it tonight. Gotta make daily goals and do them and report on them. That’s how I will take the steps needed to become a better novelist and successful as a writer.