Thankfully, the pain of the last weekend has faded mostly away. I am still getting the occasional spasm, and sneezing still kills, but otherwise, I’m good.

So today was a nice day. I had to stay up a little to get what I needed to done in The Cabin, but that’s fine. I can’t finish it this week, particularly since I need to get lots of stuff done in The Mars Betrayal in a short period of time.

I started my day, as I planned, by getting to work on The Mars Betrayal. I wrote a new chapter that should take the book in the correct direction. I’ve ramped up tension and have tried to explore my characters more. In the first version, I know that I allowed the vocabulary constraints to affect the story telling I was trying to do. Not this time. I will tell the story and then work on the vocab. So I spent about 2 and a half hours on this project and stopped at noon to help Annemarie get out of here on time to get the older boys to their Spanish school. Lily, our only girl, went and had a play date at a friend’s house, so it was just me and the little guy, Nathaniel. We took a walk, which I really enjoyed, then he got to watch a little Baby Einstein.

While he watched that, I had some lunch and read a little in the Book of Mormon. It’s a good book, I tell you. When he was done, Annemarie was back, so we put him down for a nap and I went to get Lily so that Annemarie could read the chapter I did this morning. When I got back, she pointed some things out but mostly approved. Then I took a nap.

I did this nap thing because I haven’t been sleeping very well. I think it may be stress related, as well as due to not sleeping at a consistent hour. Anyway, my nap was just over an hour, which was fine, but a little long. I ate a snack of raisins and then took a reading walk in the brisk afternoon. Annemarie had left to pick up the older boys, taking the other two, just as I woke up, so I was on my own.

With my walk done, I read a little more, but then got back to work and wrote an article on Hey, I’m in second place in a contest that will finalize tomorrow! Isn’t that shocking? I’m at 801 articles. I really hope to hit a thousand this year. One a day will get it done. I also rated quite a bit, as I feel like my citizenship on Helium has been sad.

Anyway, I then opened up The Cabin and started to go through it so I could pick up the thread. But it was dinner time.

After the kids were in bed, we watched the first episode of this season’s The Office. Then I wrote in The Cabin. I did just over two thousand words in just over an hour! Woohoo! I got rolling, and it felt great. Mike is an enjoyable character to work with. I’m interested in his story.

So I did what I set out to do this morning. Making goals, doing them, and now reporting on them. It’s a divine pattern. Now I need to hit the sack. Tomorrow I need to exercise, hit the chiropractor one last time, and then do more on The Mars Betrayal, The Cabin and Hopefully I will get one of the jobs I’ve applied for. I would like the one at The Friend, as it’s in my chosen field and pays well. But I would take the Testing Supervisor job here at BYU as well.

I need to stop. This is long. If you’ve made it this far, you are either a true friend or family. That’s practically the same thing.

My dream. My bestseller that I WILL write.

carpe somnium