A new week, a new day, lots of stuff to get done.

A final report on last week: started a massive rewrite of The Mars Betrayal and am confident in its direction. I did get some work done on The Cabin during the week, and I even did just over a thousand words on Saturday. I also did some work for ChartedCourse, applied for a few jobs, got one response on a part-time freelance job and am now waiting for more information, and tried to professionalize my business. Finally, I won some cash from Helium and broke 800 articles last week.

I’m looking at getting into some real estate invesment this week.

Today I will do the final work (yes there’s more) on the ChartedCourse member manual. I’ll also get some info from Blake on what he needs me to do next. My guess is that I need to get to work on the other manual; the one for directors.

Then I will continue with the re-framing of The Mars Betrayal, with a plan to finish the reframing and then do chapter 2. Then I want to spend at least two or three hours (maybe more…) on The Cabin. I am eager to work on this book, more than I have been for any other project. I want to do a good job! I want to see where my character is going.

So that’s my day. I’ll report later.