Okay, it didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but lofty ambitions are good.

I was able to get the User Manual finished to the best of what I can do. Still waiting on one more image so I can finish it up.

I headed out for a couple hours, as it turned out, to get some resumes dropped off, as I wanted to try to drum up some more clients for my Proofreading biz. I got some contact info for a Nuskin guy, and then headed to Nature’s Sunshine, a big but local herb and health company. I take a massive pile of their herbs every day already, so I know they’re good. It turns out that they are looking for a part time copywriter. So I applied for the job! I would expect to hear back about it, although it’s a little below my current level. The work would be pretty simplistic and the pay ain’t gonna make me millions. But, the thing is, that’s fine. I need the work and the money and I can do good work for them. Hey, maybe I’d get a discount on all the herbs I take…

Then I tried to switch over my Drivers License to Utah, as my current one is from Alaska and it is expiring in a month and a half. I need to renew before it expires, as I don’t want to have to do a driving test. That didn’t happen, because the office here in Provo doesn’t do state switch-overs. Arg. I’ll probably get it done tomorrow, because I plan on taking the older boys out to Orem to do their Spanish School.

So I got back and went right to work on The Mars Betrayal. It’s coming together well; I am still reframing. I didn’t get it all reframed, but I will finish tomorrow. I am now at a point where the chapters that are left are pretty well in sync, but I will tweak tomorrow so it is all seamless and has no more plot holes. Then I will do at least one chapter in it.

This means that today I could not work on my passion project: The Cabin. Arg again. I pray I will be able to make the time tomorrow to do so. I really want to get this done. I will have it done by the end of March. I will. Because I want to have it ready for submission by the middle of May.

But that’s all for now. That sort of outlines my day tomorrow as well, so I will report on how well it goes tomorrow night. By the way, we have been watching Season 4 of the Office online in order to be caught up when it comes back on TV. That show is genius. And, yes I’m a sap, but I really admire how nicely they’re doing the Jim/Pam thing. The show has its heart in the right place. Steve Carell is amazing.

I’m going to be a bestselling author. *Keep telling yourself that.* Okay.

That’s all! Thanks for tuning in.