Today I spent my writing time on and on advancing The Mars Betrayal. I spent the first hour and a half on Helium, doing some rating and other such stuff.

Then I read through the completed skeleton of The Mars Betrayal. I penciled in some changes and then hit the PC. So I’ve finished three chapters now and am well into chapter 4. It’s going well, although I had wanted to finish this week. I will try to get chapter 4 done tomorrow, despite it being Saturday. Then on Monday I hope to finish this second draft. That way I will read through it Monday night and have some others read through it as well. Then I will send it along.

I will also do some Helium stuff tomorrow and Monday. I think all of my responsibilities with ChartedCourse are fulfilled for now. I know there will be more to do in a couple weeks, but The Mars Betrayal needs my attention.

Arg. I really want to get to The Cabin. I’ll make the time. I will.

I’m going to write a bestseller.

This is goodnight to anyone who is reading this. I recommend the movie August Rush. If you’re a cynic, you won’t like it. If you glory in your un-cynical nature, you will love it. Let it work its magic. This is probably number 2 or 3 on my list of favorite movies. Love it.