It’s late, but I need to record my writing work for the day.

I had to start my day, after exercising, with a jaunt out to the DMV, Driver License division so I could do a road test on my scooter. That took about an hour and a half, maybe two, because I had to wait forever. The test itself took less than five minutes and I passed with only three points off (I hit a cone a titch… watch out for the dangerous driver!). But I was at that place for an hour– all for only a five minute test thingy. Yeesh.

Anyway, I then took the older boys out to Spanish School. Usually Annemarie does that but she is getting close to a deadline with her translation and she has a lot to do. Plus, I needed to go to the herb shop and resupply with some things. I really mean herbs, not anything illegal!

So when I finally got home, with lunch for Annemarie and I in hand, we ate together. I fiddled around with some applications for jobs, surfed a bit and did e-mail. Then I got to work. I wrote five articles for Helium and rated quite a bit. These articles were specifically to replace some lame ones that I wrote early on in my career at Helium. The lame ones were deleted, so I redid them and lengthened them. I am now at 810 articles there. By the way, tomorrow is the day that the Pulitzer Center decides who will become citizen journalists. So cross your fingers. I really don’t know at all if I will be accepted, but I think I have a chance. My writing style is accessible and I used plenty of information in my piece.

By the time I got done with Helium, it was actually dinner time.

After the kids got to bed, I finished chapter 4, which is a big, important one, of The Mars Betrayal. It went well. This chapter is supposed to ramp things up. I may need to shorten it some, though, because the word count is getting up there and there is still a fair amount to go.

Anyway, I really have to get this book done! Tomorrow I think I will be able to spend most of my day on it. I will do some Helium in the morning, but then I think I can devote at least four hours to The Mars Betrayal. Gotta get it done as soon as possible. Maybe tomorrow!

I actually got a response from one of the jobs I applied for. This one is in SLC. The lady who I imagine runs the recruiting/marketing show would like to meet with me on Wednesday or Thursday, so that is hopeful! I may have to take the van and strand Annemarie and the kids at home one of those days in order to make this meeting though. But Annemarie said that will be fine. The thing is, if I need to meet her in SLC, I really can’t take my scooter.

That’s all for the day. I have to get to bed. See you tomorrow.

Carpe somnium and I am going to be a bestselling author.