Well, it’s late. But it’s finished. The 2nd Draft of The Mars Betrayal, which is really a massive rewrite from the ground up, is finished. I knew I had to have it done today.

So now I’m listening to Men at Work on my streaming radio and writing about it in my online chronicle. (my pretentious way of saying ‘my blog.’)

Anyway, I feel good about it, but felt pretty good about the first draft. I obviously had no idea about what I was doing when I first wrote it. I really hope I know more of what I’m doing now. I think I addressed the issues pretty well and am fairly confident there are no plot holes.

The main issue now is that it seems long. I didn’t check, (kind of scared to) but it looks like it’s probably 18,000 words long.

In any case, Annemarie will read it in the morning. I hope to have it sent off tomorrow afternoon or evening. I never actually heard back about a deadline for it, but I wanted to get this off fast.

So now, unless other crap comes up for next week, I will put a pile of time into The Cabin. I am still supposed to finish it this month. The first draft, that is. When I say “supposed to” that’s just by my goals.

Today I also wrote three (or four..?) articles for www.helium.com. One was a poem. And the three articles I wrote for the last contest are doing well. Two are #1, and the other is #2. The problem is that the two #1’s are 1 of 2. This means that they don’t count toward contest points. Arg. Titles need to have three articles to become competitive. Ugh. And the #2 is 2 of 3. So it has like 2 points.

Peh. Oh well.

I wrote a fun article about media’s role in elections today, but it is an initiated title, so it’s not active yet. I’ll put a link to it when it goes active. I am kind of hoping it will get featured on the homepage.

As for yesterday, it was fun. Dentist was not, but it wasn’t too bad. The numbness wore off just before my interview. By the end of the interview, the pain was blinding. I went to a 7/11 and got some advil in me. That really helped.

So the interview went really well. I met two ladies in it: Lena and Laurel. They are quite different from each other, but they are both top-notch. I felt it went well, as we were actually able to have a good conversation about the job and the work that would go into it. They seemed to like me as well.

At the end of the interview, they had me do a test. I won’t go into specifics, simply because that seems unethical to me, but I was asked to edit a paragraph. When they came back, I gave my strong opinion of the paragraph and they said my answer was perfect! So that was nice.

Hopefully they will get back to me next week. I would like this job (particularly if it pays well), but I don’t look forward to the driving up and back every day. I will miss the family if I have to do that. But we will take it as it comes.

After the interview, I went to my (hehe) audition. That actually went well too! The dude said I had a lot of inherent talent for acting. I need some training on technical areas, but I can’t (and don’t want to) pay for that with money or time right now. But it’s something to look forward to at some point.

It’s late. This is a long post. I have to go to bed.

Gonna be a bestselling author.

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