Today was Friday, and it was a good one. I spent my morning and early afternoon sending out job applications to postings in Austin. While I did that, Annemarie read over my second draft of The Mars Betrayal.

She had some great, very useful thoughts and suggestions, so when I got to it, I was able to make some changes.

Anyway, after sending out about four or five job applications for Austin, I had lunch and then went and gave blood. Woohoo. That went fine, as it usually does. I got home and put some water on over the gardens and compost. It is getting close to time to roto-til it all up.

So then I got to work on The Mars Betrayal. I finished it off just before dinner and then sent it off to the editors. One of them got back to me to let me know he got it.

And that’s it. We just watched Find Me Guilty. It was pretty good. Vin Diesel really did a good job.

Gotta run, it’s late and I have a lot of work to do outside tomorrow.