to record my day. And yesterday.

For writing, I have basically been fighting on Helium to finally win a category. I have written my very best to this category, and so far it is okay. I truly feel like my stuff is the best in its titles. I would really like to place first, overall first, in one of these contests for once. So this is the week I am going for it.

Anyway, today we took Annemarie to the airport so she could fly to California (LA) to see a friend of hers. This is actually the first time Annemarie’s been away from the the kids and me for any more than most of a day. So it should be very fun for her, and may involved tears from kids, but it will certainly cause no harm in anyone. I miss her, for sure, but I have been kept busy with the kids and other work.

I sent some writing samples to Nature’s Sunshine yesterday, as I had applied to a part time job there. I could use the extra work, particularly if they allow telecommuting. I also got an e-mail from Lena at Mountain Reservations, (where I interviewed last Wednesday) telling me that they would not be doing second interviews and that they would send word by 5PM tomorrow. So I am actually kind of anxious now. I know that I would love that job. I know that I would not love the commute. But the work looks awesome, as do the people, and the money is vital. So if they offer me the job, at a good salary, I will take it. For sure.

I also, finally, got my first advance payment today from Cengage Learning, the ones publishing the graded reader series. Wahoo! It was a spectacular feeling. Seriously, I got kind of weepy. What a wonderful thing to get paid pretty well for doing what you have dreamed of doing all of your life! I am still so excited that I might even make a typo!

But it’s late and I have much to do around the house. I love my job; I love my family; I love my life. Ain’t it sickening?

carpe somnium

(I’m going to be a bestselling author.)