It’s mighty late; nearly 2AM. I just couldn’t stop until now. That’s kinda cool.

Here’s what I did.
I wrote one poem for the contest, three articles for the Marketplace, and four articles for general consumption. Yes, that makes eight! I wrote eight articles for Helium today! Wild, eh?

Here’s a link to the poem. It’s a little sweet:

I can’t link to the articles I wrote for the Marketplace, but I can describe them. They are for an entertainment site and they are quizzes. But not academic quizzes. They’re on whether you should be a hitman, or what goddess you might be. The reason I can’t link to them is because they’re not actually Helium’s. They are the sole property of the publisher, even if they don’t use them. That’s fine. I imagine at least one will get picked up. I’ll do more tomorrow.

Here are the four articles. They’re on various topics and are mildly entertaining and mostly informative:

So there you have them. I rated a little bit and intend to do a goodly amount tomorrow. Gotta keep those stars.

As for the contests, I am beginning to place in the poetry contest and am finally in contention for the top six (and sometimes the top three) in the other one. I really had better win something. I was trying to win it all, but I don’t think there’s much hope of that.

The Cabin
Anyway, as you can imagine, my day was pretty taken up by Helium. Plus I had to go out and buy our new front door, which I will pick up tomorrow. Hopefully it can be installed early next week.

But I finally got to The Cabin after Annemarie and I got back from going out to eat. Yes, we got a baby-sitter. Yes, we went to Asuka. Of course it was good.

I figured I’d do maybe a thousand, maybe 1500 words tonight. But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to keep going. So I did 3300. We are cooking right along. If I actually get this to 50000 words, I will be pleased. I’m not trying to pad it, mind you, but the character keeps wanting to do other stuff. That’s fine, too. I am at just under 37,000 words right now.


Anyway, I really have to hit the sack. Still gonna be a bestselling author, no matter how much I have to learn.

carpe somnium!