It’s late. We watched The Pianist tonight. I had seen it before, but had forgotten it some and Annemarie had never seen it. Yeah, it’s good. Too bad Adrien Brody hasn’t done much of worth since. No, The Darjeeling Limited really doesn’t count, neither does The Jacket.

Anyway, I’ve been depressed and on a downer these last couple of days. Doubt, depression, doubt, anger, feelings of inadequacy, questioning… it’s all been mixing it up inside me. Ugh. Lameness. Still there, but I’m trying to just muscle/push/work through it. Annemarie’s very supportive, of course. But a lot of men can’t pretend it’s all better after a perfectly wonderful hug.

I wrote some today and yesterday. Yesterday’s articles were for a contest on Helium, and today’s were for a variety of things. Here are the links. I actually think they’re all good, with the first few rather entertaining.

These ones are the articles I wrote last Friday, minus the quizzes I am hoping to be picked up by a Marketplace publisher. Some of these are poems… so read them if you dare.

Yes, I’ve been staying busy. I just need something to happen here. Like a job offer, or even a job response that validates my writing at least a little bit. Arg.

That’s all for now. Still gonna write a bestseller, I am. I just don’t see it yet. Hopefully soonish.

I do love writing. I need to do it better.