Gosh I love to sound pretentious.

I have to mention something. I imagine that every industry is filled with good people who are supportive and kind and who reach out to others. The writing profession does the same. Curtis, thank you for your thoughtful words and… I guess for the time you spent typing them. Really, that’s a donation of a bit of your life, so thank you for that gift. Bob Younce, I don’t know you well but have competed with you on www.helium.com and have seen you in the community forums. Thanks for the note. It means more than you probably intended it to, but as all writers know, we thrive on validation.

So that’s my sentimentality for the day. Today I wrote nine articles for Helium. Yep, nine. And guess what? They all qualify for the Reward-athon, so wahoo. You know you want to read them, you know you do! Okay, I’ll post the links. They will be in the order that I wrote them today, so you can judge if I get worse or better as the day goes on.


Okay, I’m not actually certain that the first link is an article I wrote today or yesterday. Oh well, it’s a pretty good article.

Yes, it really is all a blur. Hey, don’t give me a hard time; I’m trying to write another thirty articles in the next five days. Make that four days because I don’t write on Sunday. Woohoo!

I sent out e-mails to prospective clients today, hoping to begin building my freelance business up more. I realized that I really could be doing more to make actual cash, so I’m going to go for it.

I haven’t made time this week yet for The Cabin. I hope to tomorrow, but I am shooting for twelve to fifteen articles on Helium, so we will have to see. If I can keep this up, I will be at 1000 articles by the end of June!

Anyway, that’s it really. I’ve begun reading The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis. It’s marvelous. I’ve read the first bit, Men Without Chests before, and I love it even more now. I’m actually taking notes on it, if you can believe it.

This is all a part of my effort to stop reading crap and start filling my head with good stuff. I am doing this because I’ve been lazy in my education thus far and I am finally feeling like an idiot for doing so. Plus, I pray my writing will be informed by the good writing and thinking of the geniuses of the craft.

So C.S. Lewis is first. Annemarie is also supposed to be getting us started on our joint reading of the classics soon, about which I’m very excited. Didja see that? I made sure not to end my sentence with a preposition. I just had to put that in.

Sheesh, I’m a git.

Love to mum and dad.. wherever that came from.

Gonna be a bestselling author and carpe THIS somnium, bub.