Alright, it’s late and I want to hit the sack. The guy’s coming early tomorrow to get our new door put in, so I need to be up and alert when he shows up.

I wrote thirteen articles for Helium today. One of them is an initiated title, so I can’t post it here because it’s not active yet. I will now happily post the links to the other dozen. Read ’em and weep! Actually they’re all pretty good and some are even informative, so you’ll like them.
(No, I’ve never watched American Idol)
the best actors in my opinion!

So there they are: twelve pretty good articles. The one I can’t list yet is a commentary on a news event. I’m trying to do more of these because I am trying to hone my news write-up abilities in order to be more employable.

I had hoped to do a tech guide article today as well, but I ended up needing to follow up on some job and publicity stuff. I got referred to a lady who’s writing a cool-sounding book about unusual ways to find work so I sent off some info to her to see if she’s interested in my approach. I also investigated a couple of other potential clients.

So this is good. I am going to keep trying to build my freelance business while squeezing in time for The Cabin. I continue to have to adjust my time frame for finishing the first draft of this book, but that’s really okay. At least I’m not just lazing off. I really need to do the practical writing too so that I can get the bills paid!

Speaking of bills, I am about to stomp on my laptop, or roto-till it into the garden. Man alive, it’s just slowing down like crazy. I cleared and organized a huge section of it, but there’s no difference in speed or capacity. It’s just old I guess. Almost eight years, and for a computer, that’s old. I need a new one profoundly, but we really don’t feel like we can afford one. So I’ll keep hurling tame epithets at it while it takes a full minute to close a browser window.

That’s all for now. Gotta hit the sack.

Gonna be a bestselling author because I am doing the following: carpe somnium.