I figured I didn’t post last night and there are a few things to mention, but from life in general and the writing career.

First, I bought a new laptop yesterday. I will be picking it up today; they needed to optimize its performance by getting all the advertising and trial junk off of it. While we didn’t need the expense, I really needed it for work. More and more I’m needing to be online using several windows, or tabs, of browser for research while at the same time writing up notes. My current laptop was making this nearly impossible.

As for writing, I started working with a new client that I am hoping will keep giving me steady business. They seem like an ideal client, so I am excited. I also wrote four articles on www.helium.com that are more or less pretty good.

*This one is a critique of the movie Beowulf in general and particularly on Angeline Jolie’s work in it.

*This is a listing of the lamest Star Wars characters ever, with explanations attached. Somewhat amusing but mostly spot on!

*This is an amusing commentary on the phenomenon that is Paris Hilton. I usually get pretty angry halfway through these commentaries on politics and celebrity and pop culture, so buckle up!

*This is a slightly tongue-in-cheek discussion of whether hybrid cars are cool. The short answer? Yes, they are.

*This is the article that I wrote as a proposed title. Helium people, in all their wisdom (I say that with mostly sincerity), figured it worked inside an existing title. That’s just fine. Anyway, it’s about Stonehenge’s real purpose. This is further practice with writing up new events, although since it’s for www.helium.com, I need to keep it timeless. Thus, it’s also speculative and a commentary.

And that’s it for now. I have to get to chores and yard work and stuff. I might tear out a tree today– we’ll see.

Gonna write me a bestseller. This is MY somnium to carpar. Okay, I don’t know if I did the infinitive correctly there. Anybody want to guide me?