Monday’s over. I’m headed to the sack.

I started the day out strong, despite allergies. I wrote four articles this morning for . I also wrote a few this afternoon. Essentially I got six done today. I’ll post them here:
*This article is about the use of the theme of self sacrifice in fantasy films and books. It was the last article I did for the Reward-athon on Helium, which ended today. I think I did nearly 100, or maybe even more, for this event. Some cool cash coming my way.
*I wrote about some of the more memorable fantasy heroes in film and books. This is a list of some that have struck me the most.
*Another article about aerating one’s lawn. It’s a good thing to do. We’ll do it this season.
*A relatively entertaining article about the fun people can have with their epitaphs and obituaries.
*A discussion of spring allergy treatments. Mostly just informative, but I had fun with the prose.
*Political analysis of Obama and Clinton. Basically I take a position on which would be more historic: President Obama or President Clinton.

And that’s what I wrote today. I also got a job from my new client. This is looking good. I got started on it and will finish it tomorrow.

I also spent a good chunk of today getting the new laptop up and running. I did a big file transfer so that I could do all of my work on this machine. I downloaded Skype and loaded up Paint Shop and some other stuff. This is a good computer. I can work a lot faster with it than with the old one. I’ll keep the old one around as a back up hard drive.

That’s pretty much it! I need to get to bed tonight at a reasonable hour, so I’m going there now.

Gonna write a bestseller. Carpe somnium.