You know, I try to be easy-going and tolerant and crap like that, which doesn’t come very naturally to me. I see the world around me growing more self-entitled and self-absorbed, at the same time that it trumpets its tolerance and connections and false empathy, and I try to keep quiet.

And usually I succeed. I keep my thoughts and opinions and anger to myself and that works pretty well because when I stop and think, I usually realize my judgement is off and I need to think some more. At that point, I usually see where I’ve been wrong and I applaud my restraint, if for no other reason than by restraining myself I’ve avoided making a complete idiot of myself.

All that said, yesterday I read this article:

I’m not a regular frequenter of that site, but I went there because an author/personality I follow on Twitter said she/he loves the article and reads it often. I still follow that author and respect him/her.

But I passionately dislike that article and think it’s symptomatic of an ill society seeking medicine to kill pain when it should be seeking an -ectomy or -otomy of some ¬†kind.

When I expressed this today, some good writer friends challenged me on my reaction. I am grateful for their challenge and want to thank them publicly so you can go follow them on Twitter: @cspokey and @HeidiTighe .

I thought about my reaction, re-read the post, and then shared the following itemized problems I have with the article. These are my Twitter posts, so they are limited to 140 characters. They are in reverse order, sorry.

Now as you read that article, what are your reactions? In what ways do you disagree with me? Heck, in what ways do you agree with me?