I really need to be in bed now, as part of my new campaign to sleep like an adult. So what I did today was this:

I wrote a final article for my client’s job and sent it off.

I did a pile of research and note-taking for the ChartedCourse May newsletter. By the way, Blake tells me that he’ll have some material for me to start working on for the sales rep manual soon. Cool: more work!

And I wrote just under 1700 words for The Cabin. I know, I was supposed to do 2000, but other stuff kind of piled up. I ended up running some errands and getting 64 boxes of cereal for our food storage! That’s right, 64. They were a dollar a box at Smith’s, and we had been waiting for this sale, as it is an annual thing. So now our food storage is looking better.

Anyway, I was actually close to not doing any writing for The Cabin today, but I fought back the temptation to watch TV and be a fat vegetable who fears finishing a novel that could really be something.

When I sign off here, I’ll run and write an article for www.helium.com and then rate a little. But then I need to get to bed! I am nearly certain that as I regularize my sleeping, the incessant ringing in my ears will reduce.

So off I go.

I am going to write a bestseller and I think I may just be doing that right now.

carpe somnium

Nothing inspiring to write today. Just a day that brought me closer to my success.