Just stopping in to give an update. I’m in Austin, at Jena and Derek’s house and have had a bit of a long day.

The flights were okay, although flying is just increasingly uncomfortable these days.

First impressions of Austin:

Very pretty. Muggy. Very very pretty. Warm.

The houses we went and saw today were very nice indeed. Great value for these homes down here. And Austin itself is a lovely place, with tons of variety in geography and offerings for things to do. Two of the houses we saw, the two that I would actually consider as a place to live in fact, were literally right next to parks. One of them was even less than a five minute drive to an LDS chapel! What luck!

There is great waterfront here, and tons of parks. Tolls are a bit of a bother, but aren’t really that big of a deal. Traffic is significant, but not too terrible.

Lots of trees, long sunny days making for long growing seasons. However, I am told there is no real fall or spring, which is too bad. I like four distinct seasons in my year.

Anyway, that’s really it. I better get done, as my computer’s battery is on its way out.

I did write about 500 words in The Cabin today while flying. That was fun. I also got some more work from my newest client. He’s keeping me busy, and that is good.

Tomorrow is the Interview Event. I will go with prayer to see if this is the right thing for us. I would not mind living here at all, but I don’t really want to be here as a public school teacher. Maybe a private school would be okay.

Anyway, gonna write a bestseller.

carpe somnium