So today was my birthday, and yesterday, Wednesday April 30th, was my anniversary. All in all a festive time in the Garrett home. We were celebrating till late last night, so I wasn’t able to stop by, but I figured I had better today.

I got my client’s project done today, finally. I was insanely dozy today, but after a rather long nap, snapped out of it. I think that had better be my approach to a doziness that hits hard: take a nap. Yeah, I think so.

Anyway, I won’t be doing anything with ChartedCourse until some business is cleared up. So that means tomorrow I will work on The Cabin for most of the day. I am excited.

Annemarie gave me, for an anniversary gift, a ticket to see Ironman tonight, so that’s why it’s so late. I thought it was marvelous. A very well done movie that was visually excellent and wonderful in all other ways as well. I also got bongos as a birthday present today, along with some CDs and a sweet Steelers jacket. I pretty much scored big time. I have people around me who must love me.

I have to go to bed now so I can get up and exercise. I’ll be back.

I am going to write a bestselling novel. And I am going to do it soon.

carpe somnium

No more mucking about.