We are actively looking for a bigger house now. I’ve met with a great mortgage broker and am excited to say that we have a budget and a pretty flexible plan. So it’s time to look around for a house and see what deals are available. So there are a few things that I am putting on my list of gotta-haves in our next house. For your viewing pleasure, here they are:

1. Master bedroom/suite (closet, attached bath)

2. Minimum 5 bedrooms (1 for an office)

3. At least 3 total bathrooms

4. Enough yard for an enclosed dog run, a chicken coop, and kids to play

5. A pantry

6. Easily accessible basement storage space

7. Separate laundry room

8. Family room separate from living room

And that’s it for must-haves for me.

What else should we be thinking about? What am I missing on this list?