After all of the idiot things I wrought upon my family financially some years ago, Hotness and I sat down at India Palace and made a plan. The plan involved me finishing my MA, focusing on Instructional Design, and that I would then get a job. We decided on a minimum salary I would need. We planned that a year or so after getting a job, we would start seriously looking for a larger house, but we would not be in a hurry.

We planned that Hotness would stay with her work-from-home job, helping us save at what turned out to be a blistering pace. What a difference her sacrifices with that job have made.

All has come together, my friends. Two weeks ago, with the help of our friend and the best realtor in Utah, Kyle Kelley, we came upon a house that, against all expectation, we fell in love with. It’s in Orem, very south and very east Orem. At Hotness’ urging, we put an offer in, with plenty of outs.. you know.. just in case. Lots of contingencies.

The love for the house faded a little as we realized this was moving faster than we’d expected and that the refinance of our current home was going to be delayed. (We’re keeping it- going to rent it out.) Then we visited the house again. We found more to love. We felt great there. It has what we need and much of what we want.

Then finances lined up so very well.

And now, the last hurdle has been leaped: the home inspection has been completed and the house passed with surprisingly flying colors.

We’re moving to Orem. We should be closing around May 10 (yes, it’s a little while off due to busy times in the Garrett household and a major conference the first week of May) and we will take the rest of May to paint and do some flooring and re-work a bathroom, in addition to preparing our current home to become a rental.

I’m so chuffed. Let this be a lesson to me; when I am in total unity with my beloved, we are unstoppable.

Congrats to us.

– – – – – – – –

How about you? When has a plan that you’ve made come together? How does it make you feel to bring such plans to pass?