The year is nearly 1/3 done. How am I doing on the goals I made for this year? Here they are:

1. Write and polish a short story, then submit it to Writers of the Future.

I have not done this yet. I will be sure to get started on it by the end of May.

2. Finish my 4th novel, Beat. 

I did this. Check!

3. Rewrite my first four novels until they are ready for submission.

Heavily into this. Beat is nearly ready and I am now working on The Cabin.

4. Get enough sleep. I have been living with a sleep deficiency for 20+ years, with a 2-year break while I served as a missionary in Brazil. This is going to change. It has become quite clear that the single most important thing I can do for my overall well-being is get enough sleep.

I am doing significantly better with my sleeping habits. I go to bed more often at a reasonable hour and have been able to get up and get work done in the morning. I also am not nearly as dozy at work as I had been. 

I can still do better, so I’m still working on this. 

5. Sign with an agent.

As soon as I have two books polished, I will do this. I also hope to start making connections at LDS Storymakers this year.

6. Give my all to have at least one book deal by the end of 2012.

If I’m not giving my all yet, I’m getting close. I feel great about this resolution and love feeling like I’m using my time based on my values.

7. Look for and vocally recognize something positive in each of my family members every day.

I have waned on this and will do better. Sorry, family! 

8. Continue to improve in my daily scripture study.

Weak, weak, weak. I need to and will do better with this.

9. Watch my mouth.

I get intermittently better with this, but lapse sometimes. I’m committing to this right now; I will take more care with what I say.

10. Improve my income by at least 10%.

Garg. Still working on this and having trouble getting bites on my CV. I spend time each week looking for improvement in my employment, so I know it will pay off.

11. Go to the temple a minimum of 20 times.

Very much on track for this goal. I’ve been 8 times and am gradually gaining a real love for the work done there. 

12. Lose 30 lbs by running at least one 10k, a 5k in 20 minutes, and a half marathon by the end of the year.

I am a slacker and have allowed myself to get derailed. It’s very difficult to find time for running, especially with the multitude of other things that demand my time and attention. It seems like if I am making time to write, I don’t have time to run, but I know I can do better. I will run twice this week and report back.

So that’s my resolution check-up. How are you doing with YOUR goals for 2012? Time’s a-wasting, so get on it!