you might have to sing it note for note….

Okay, it’s actually a poem I wrote a while ago. Just thought I’d post it:

A day in my life

body creaking its protests
I lunge from sleep
and I’m already bristling
at the baby’s weep
and brothers’ indifference
to sister’s noisy plea
to let her participate
“you give it to me!”

after yelling and threats
they’re all at the table
screaming their hunger
the food will enable
the smallest of quiet
the barest of peace
but their breakfast gets over
before I take my seat!

now I’m hungry and mad
while they run to play
I’m tempted to use DVD
to keep them at bay a
nd finally a few bites
then it’s lesson time
out come the workbooks
but the baby just climbed

on the hamsters’ cage
now there’s crying and mess
I get out the broom
and ask Him to bless
this day in my life
with patience and love
because these screaming pests
are gifts from above

a trust so divine
in my beloved and me
the anger and battle
become a memory
when I stop to think
about years with my wife
the happiness grows
with each day in my life