That’s not pronounced /laymd/. It’s pronounced /lah-med/.

Maybe you heard about the new series of books that Daron Fraley announced a couple of days ago. It’s called The Thirty Six. It’s about the Lamed Vovniks, thirty-six righteous people upon whom the weight and salvation of the world rest.

Here’s a link to the website for the series:

While you’re at that website, check out the authors. Go ahead.

What’s that you see there? Yes, that’s me. I’m an author for this series.

Daron and I met at LDS Storymakers 2012. I was at the table he ran for Boot Camp. That might sound like he was running a blackjack table, but really it was a writing workshop. Tony Dutson was at that table as well. It’s kind of great to be involved in a series of exciting books where I know that the other two authors are all kinds of talented.

So my book in this series has a working title: PERCEPTION

Here’s the slug: Nathan Eckhoff finds an ancient cloak that endows him with an extraordinary power of perception, but he soon finds that knowledge is not only power, it is responsibility as well. In the face of a corrupted man with his own powerful object and evil plans, Nathan’s heart and courage are tested to their limits.

There you go. I’m very excited about this project. Stay tuned to this site and the Thirty-Six website for updates.