My friends, I finally got Servant of the King polished enough to send it to Covenant. They have confirmed receipt of it and I am pleased as punch.

July has ambitious goals. Here they are, in no particular order (anybody remember where that phrase came from? I do and a so every time I write it, I hear Phil Hartman’s voice):

1. E-publish my first novel, an epic fantasy called Brothers in Arms. This requires getting a professional-looking cover and getting initial pages put together, as well as making sure I tweak the format properly. I’ll be giving Brothers in Arms a final edit, as well.

I want to do this because I’m a writer and it’s 2012 and I really should know how to do such a thing. This book WILL be available on Amazon by mid-August. I’ll have a launch date firmed up shortly.

2. Use Beat in my quest to find an agent. I’d really like to see if I can convince some writers I know to read Beat for me and see if they would be willing to recommend an agent. But in addition to that, I’ll be crafting the GREATEST QUERY LETTER EVER.

I love writing stories. I’m excited to finally be moving forward in the process of getting my stories read.