Maybe not so much.

Actually I have only see the movie with this moniker, not the TV show. I like the movie somewhat. But truth be told, I number among the hordes who wonder why Friday Night Lights doesn’t come on on Friday. Of course, maybe their network caught that error and has rectified the glaring problem.

Shows how in touch I am.

I have just sent off the two first chapters of The Mars Betrayal to my editors and am filled with self-doubt. If they hate it again, I am not sure what I will do next. So here’s to hoping that they don’t think it’s crap and excoriate it again.

I think it’s good. <-- (this said in a small voice) Before I get back to writing, I am going to do a writing exercise: I will freewrite for two minutes on a random topic. Today’s random topic is: Cannibals. I begin now. Cannibals really may have had it right. Think about it. They left no waste of their kills and they left no man behind. It’s like a combination of Marines and Nader-ites, a totally unheard of combination to date, so it really makes sense.

What if I wrote a story about a cannibal boy who somehow got separated from his family just before the big tribal feast and then was transported to a modern society such as in LA. He could meet a girl and fall for her, but be so hungry that he kills and eats her parents. All the while she is a vegetarian.

But what would be his motivation and chapter and scene-level goals?

Maybe he’s just hungry.

Okay, now I’m done. Hehe. Pure silliness.

So I shall now get back to work on The Mars Betrayal, but will soon be interrupted by a fellow named Luis. This is not precognition; Luis has an appointment for a company overview, and I have to do that overview.

Any readers who are reading this (I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the redundancy in that phrase), por favor spread the word of my little blog. I know I had originally planned on just doing this for a year, but the writing thing is picking up and I am sticking with it for good. Now I just need people to read this, comment on it and give me validation.

Writers are needy. If you didn’t know this already, file that eternal truth away somewhere safe. Maybe in your fire safe. Or your icebox.

Gotta run. I’ll be back later. Oh, I want to hit 7000 words on The Mars Betrayal today.

carpe somnium