While I may not be the rather fractious father of the gods, I certainly acted like I was last night. I spent about three hours re-doing The Mars Betrayal in its entirety. After really getting down how my main character acts and his motivations and flaws, as well as the other characters and antagonists’ motivation and flaws, I realized that the plot devices I was using were not springing from the world and characters, but really just from my own desires for coolness.

So now there’s no bacteria missile. The ending is happier too. If any of my writing group reads this, please check out the synopsis I uploaded yesterday and let me know if I am completely missing the mark.

Today I have quite a lot of ChartedCourse work to do, but I will be able to get to writing by 4PM, if not a little earlier. I will do some final tweaks on the synopsis and send it on to the editorial team so I can have my self-esteem smashed again. Or not. We’ll see.

This morning I did the Y hike again, from my house. Yeah, it’s not getting any easier yet. Whew. This is the second time I did the hike, although on Monday I started at the trailhead.

My garden grows well, by the way. I think I have finally succeeded in keeping pests away from my cucumbers to the point that they will make it. My only remaining pumpkin plant is doing well also. I do have a completely unidentifiable patch of something growing between my squashes, so I guess I’d better do some reasearch to figure out what it is.

But now I must work. I’ll report later.