To those celebrating Obama’s victory and also to the Romney supporters, this is kind of important, so please pay attention.

This victory doesn’t mean Obama’s right and his supporters are right, and Romney and his supporters were wrong. Not in any empirical way.

What it means is that Obama and his supporters, you wonderful (mostly) people, won an argument and were convincing enough to get others to back you. Congratulations; you’ve done a remarkable thing and you deserve recognition of that.

Where you say a disaster has been averted, Romney supporters genuinely, sincerely, and many times thoughtfully believe that a disaster has been compounded.

Distinctly different worldviews and opinions and value sets and belief sets– these are the things that make America great– because we exist not just despite them but because of them.

So please enjoy your celebration, and Romney supporters, tend to your grief. When you’re done, please remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you and that the greatest change you can make in the world is in yourself.

Obama supporters: You reflect VERY BADLY UPON YOU, YOUR POSITION, OUR NATION, AND OUR PRESIDENT when you can’t resist the niggling urge to be vindictive or snarky at the expense of those who’ve lost this fight.

And to you people whose candidate didn’t win: this is the way of things. Your grief, anger, frustration, and more are valid feelings, but you do nobody any good when you rant, vent, flame, and refuse to grow up.

Rise above, my friends. And it’s when we rise above that we come together. Think clearly, hold yourself to a higher standard, and do NOT give in to your baser, angrier nature.

Also, hugs and peace to all. I love you.

Take heart: my candidate didn’t even get a statistically significant number of votes.