Okay, so I just clicked on the link I posted to my other blog. The site is called ‘To Grunt and Sweat,’ and I posted the link in the list on the right. However, I typed: gruntandsweat.blogpsot.com

Do you see the typo? Apparently the URL above takes a person to a rather uptight Bible-ist (since it is clear this person’s true religion is the Bible) and his website. It is full of fire, brimstone and self-righteous vindictiveness.

So if you clicked on the link to check out my new blog, I beg your forgiveness. I have fixed the problem and it now works as flawlessly as I eat ice cream.

Moving on.

I am still waiting to hear back from the editorial team about The Mars Betrayal. I won’t say I’m confident. I keep imagining all kinds of creative ways for them to crush my spirit again, such as simply sending a letter saying, “Well, you suck. We need that advance money back and we would rather you never contacted our company again. Incidentally, you should quit your day job, since you probably suck at that as well.”

Or something along those lines. I hope it doesn’t happen. I feel like I wrote a better story this time, so we will see.

Of late I have been working on polishing a synopsis of The Cabin so that I can send it out to agents and get the publication process going. I really like this book. This is a nice thing, since I’m darn near puking each time I go to work on The Mars Betrayal.

Please erase that tragic, pitiable image from your minds. Now click on the link to my new blog, titled To Grunt and Sweat and have a great experience. Bonus points if you know where I got that blog’s title from.

Oh yeah. I’ve decided to give my writing my best time. I will be doing it first thing when I begin my work day. I should be able to give it from 1 to 2 hours each morning. Maybe more.

I must to work. But first, a freewrite. Today’s topic: paper mache. (Or some other correct spelling.)

Paper mache, papier mache? is one of the greatest art forms on the planet. I mean think about it, you are using so many different materials in this work. You use wood pulp from trees which has been pressed into floppy sheets. Not only that, there is ink on those sheets of paper, particularly if you are using newspaper. What’s more, you are using a symbol of what made western civilization so vibrant: the printing press.

You also use glue that has been made from some kind of grain, more than likely, and water, which we cannot live without. If you are making some kind of round shape, you are likely using a balloon, which is rubber, which is a synthetic these days and a fitting sign of the lasting damage mankind’s carelessness is doing to our lovely Earth.

Finally, you use your hands and you can smell the glue and even taste it if you want. Hearing the sploshing, sticky noise of the paper in the glue basically means that you are having a fully sense-engaging experience.

Okay, that took three minutes, but there you go.