I’ll make this quick.

The Cabin is done. Or, at least as done as I feel I can get it without professional feedback from an agent who asked to see the entire manuscript.

My beta readers for the most part got back to me. All of them had a lot of good to say and most of them had some very similar feedback, particularly concerning the main character and his personal arc.

I am happy to report that everybody loved the ending.

I am thrilled at some of the things my readers told me. I love how it seems to have had different resonance for some people.

So I am letting the manuscript stew until Monday, and then I will send it to the agent.

Why haven’t I disclosed the agent’s name? That feels unprofessional to me, plus if this agent rejects the manuscript I don’t want you to know the name of the person for whom I will be making a voodoo doll.

I’ll keep you apprised.

Meanwhile, I’m terrified.