Here is a rough ‘back cover blurb’ of The Cabin. 

Josh has to get away. Born and raised with ten other kids in the Fundamental Faith in God, a communal cult that splintered off from Scientology, he feels his life and soul being crushed under a tyrannical cult leader. Who happens to be his mother. When his oldest half-brother, who is his only friend in the cult, leaves, Josh faces living this life of fear and strange rituals all alone. Unless he can escape like his brother did.

And then the worst thing possible happens and Josh has to deal with grief, isolation, and a terrible temper. As Josh tries to find a way out of the cult and discover the truth about his father, he also must try to keep the cult leaders’ controlling attention off of him. But at a moment when isolation and escape seem like his only option, he finds a friend in one of the other cult children. Now Josh must decide which betrayal to commit: not follow his oldest brother or leave a friend whom he’s beginning to fall in love with behind?


That sums up the basic plot and themes of The Cabin fairly well. Ask any questions you wish.