and here I am. I was supposed to report yesterday evening, but was far too tired to get back online.

It’s 2AM and I’ve done 3896 words in the last two days. These were all in The Cabin. Some tough spots in these last few chapters. These were where my main character, Josh, had to start finding his way back. I found that he wanted to change the story again, but that’s fine.

I’m debating whether or not romance is going to make it into this book for real or whether it will be an unrequited crush. I am tending toward the requited, if I do it at all, since this book is actually reflecting the journey I wish I had made myself take growing up. Hey, I might as well have it all if I’m writing the story, right?

Anyway, I’ve got probably ten to fifteen thousand more words left in this book. That puts it at about 60,000 words. With rewriting, since I’ve seen some things I need to add but knowing that there is always some deadwood and a darling or two that needs killing, I figure it will end up at 55,000 words.

That’s okay, right?

I must to bed.

I will be a bestselling author.

carpe somnium