and here I am. I just get this momentum and then my character, Josh Kerr, just takes me along for the ride. It’s exciting, but my sleeping patterns are all wack.

I started the day at 51,324 words. I am ending my day at 56,338.

I know I said I saw 6-8000 words to go, like last week. But now I am seeing about that number still. So The Cabin will likely hit 65,000 words in its first draft form. That’ll happen this week. Tomorrow I’m going to write like a madman.

I feel good about this story. It’s one I am loving to tell and I believe others will love to read it.

And on the adding romance front, it’s a go. It’s difficult, but I think it’s going well.

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carpe somnium

I’m going to be a bestselling writer.

Oh! I have to share! I entered a community boards contest on I hadn’t done that before, but thought it would be fun. The contest was to write something that made readers laugh out loud.

I won the contest! Here’s a link to my humorous piece:

Hope you enjoy!