You can’t stop this! You just can’t stop this!

I am so close to the end of this book I can taste it! In fact, I’ve written it! Now I have one or two chapters to write to get there. One with the brother. The other with the romantic interest.. maybe. I can probably combine them. I’ve got the characters’ goals clear, the scene level objectives laid out and a story that’s got me excited.

What more does a guy like me need?

Oh yeah, steady income. Sheesh.

Anyway, after that on-parade-rain, I better report on today’s work. I started the day at 56,338 words. I now have 61,516. That’s about 5200 words, give or take. Okay, take… but over 5000. And it felt great. I can’t wait to have this draft done so I can read through the whole thing and have others read it.

Now if only I could feel the same excitement about The Mars Betrayal.

I have to get to bed. But I am finishing this tomorrow or Friday. Any readers of this who want to be a trusted reader of The Cabin, let me know. I have to warn you though, it’s likely I’ll have some kind of simple contract written up to make sure my story stays safe. It’s not a trust issue; it’s a business issue.

Anyhoo… check out Facebook, find my writer page and become a fan!

Gonna be a bestselling author.