Yes, it’s been a while. I am excited to report that I will be picking up The Cabin again next week. I’ve gotten some feedback and have a lot on my mind regarding changes I want to make. So that is an exciting thing, eh?

The other thing I really ought to report is that I have received a verbal offer from the company I interviewed at, which I mentioned in my previous post. Hooray! The job is as a creative writer in the corporate office of a local company in Springville.

There’s more. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t overload my reader(s?) but a lot has happened. So last week we were watching some Olympics when someone from Freedom Academy called. They said that they had a spot open in Third Grade and that if we wanted Thomas in there, we had to call them back that night. We talked, talked and talked some more. Thomas wasn’t too sure he wanted to go, but after some more talk and then some prayer and listening, he decided he was supposed to go. That was pretty great.

So he started going to the Freedom Academy Charter School last Thursday. He’s adjusting well and is getting the hang of the whole school thing pretty well. We’ve all met his teacher and approve of her.

But we’re still pretty high strung about it. Having done homeschool for these last few years, and having made probably the most formal plan so far for this school year, sending Thomas to school has been an adjustment for us too.

So that’s my report. I’m trying to catch up on my sleep after getting so far behind by staying up and watching the Olympics till all hours. So now I’m going to bed.

Just kidding. Actually, Lily (my only daughter) is in the process of having a little girl princess birthday party. Today is her 4th, so it’s quite the hullabaloo around here. Great word. Sincerely, that’s a spectacular word.