How dumb. I got a verbal offer on the job I interviewed for a couple weeks ago. The offered salary was good enough to accept. The job was as a creative writer in their marketing area.

Then I got the written offer, and it was the same. I had a start date set; it was to be tomorrow the 3rd.

This afternoon I got a phone call from the head of the creative services department. Due to her just having found out about budgetary restraints and cut-backs, they had to not hire me.

So I was downsized before I even started.

Double crap.

Really.. in all truth.. and not to put too fine a point on it.. (please don’t say I’m the only bee in your bonnet) this is a very unpleasant turn of events.

Now I’m thinking George Michael. Because now I really ‘got to have faith-a.’ Baby.

I’ve sent out about five queries about The Cabin. One agent already said no. Her loss.

I also sent out a query with my revised version of It’s Not Tomato Sauce, my picture book manuscript.

Off to bed. There would be a tear in my beer if I drank the stuff. Beer, not tears that is, since of course I drink tears. Like water.

Still gonna carpe that somnium.