Hi everyone!

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have spent two years making the book formerly known as The Cabin, and now called Beyond the Cabin, pretty great and trying to get it agented and published. I had several nibbles and even a few bites, which ultimately resulted in some very pleasant rejections wherein agents said my writing was strong and it was a compelling story but they just didn’t know how to sell the thing.

So I’m done waiting for permission to get this book in the hands of eager readers. I’m self-publishing it.

Look to the side over there ————>

That’s a countdown to when Beyond the Cabin will be available for purchase by the teeming hordes of people who want to read it!

Yup, it will be available as an e-book on Amazon on December 1. I am working with a cover artist and hope to have something to show off soon.

So buy this book. Buy it on December 1, as soon as the countdown hits zero. Make Beyond the Cabin an Amazon bestseller for the day.


I’m also making a few final edits and am making sure I get the typeset done properly and all of that. I am learning a lot through this process.

So buy this book!