It’s time to give away a signed, numbered copy of the trade paperback of BEYOND THE CABIN!

Beyond the Cabin cover

You know you want it.

The way to do this is easy! All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments and I will add you to a list of entrants:

Question: What is the craziest, or harshest, or most absurd punishment you’ve ever received- be it from a family member or some authority figure? (I imagine this can be funny or scary. You choose whether you want to share and I’ll make sure the love is here.)

When the contest closes, I’ll use to randomly choose a winner.

If you want your name entered twice on the list, you can share this post on Twitter or Facebook or some other social media, or even your website or blog! Just be sure to let me know somewhere in your comment where you shared and include a link!

The more times your name appears on the list, the greater the chance of you winning the lovely copy of BEYOND THE CABIN!

And remember, if you want to pick up a copy for yourself, here’s where to find it:

Trade Paperback

Kindle version

Last thing: the contest started right about Noon on Wednesday, the 3rd, so it will go a week and end on Wednesday, the 10th- at noon Mountain time.

Excited? Ready? Go!