Here I is. I hope any readers enjoyed that piece from the Onion. Hilarious.

Here’s what’s been going on.

Yesterday morning, I sent an e-mail to an editor with Little, Brown and Company. I’d heard that she was interested in a YA novel about a kid prot in a cult. Funny how I’ve just finished that exact novel.

Then I headed out to do some shopping, as we were planning on heading up to SLC to meet Alicia and her family as well as Nathan and his family. These are some of my oldest and best friends that I have not seen for a very long time.

But I didn’t make it to the store. Heck, I didn’t make it half way. That whole 5 mile radius thing is right on. As I went through an intersection, another car failed to stop at the stop sign and flashed in front of me just in time for me to have no chance to swerve or brake. Yep, it was a good accident. Airbags deployed and did more harm than good.

Van’s trashed, probably a loss, but we will see next week. Allstate’s a good company. I’m fine, despite some painful bruises and abrasions.

Then I got home, let my friends know we couldn’t make it to the get together. They decided to come see us. That was awesome. So were the conference sessions.

It was also awesome to have that editor get back to me the same day to tell me she was intrigued and to send the whole manuscript to her.

I gotta go. But life is really just fine for now. Tough, but that makes it worth it.