Hey there.

I just finished another rewrite of The Cabin. I think it’s solid. I also just sent it off to an editor at Little, Brown and Company. This is the editor who replied to my query saying that she was intrigued.

Hoooooo boy. I’m really on pins here. I know it’ll probably take a lot of time before I hear anything back, but I’m feeling pretty jumpy right now.

This rewrite really does flesh things out better. It’s funny, I tend to write telegraphically, so my rewrites tend to add rather than subtract.

Anyway, I have to get my oldest lad off to school and I need to get to work. I’ve had quite a few short nights lately; I’m looking forward to sleeping more tonight. Oh, and I’ve got a freelance project I have to do today.

Finally, apparently I was voted a top 25 writer at www.Helium.com recently. That’s quite an honor. I really like those guys.

Better run.

I am going to carpe my somnium. It’s happening.